Múza v divadle

TEAMBUILDING in Czech Paradise

What is Múza v divadle?

Múza v divadle (Muse in the theatre) is an all day training exercise that helps promote cooperation between team members and aids in strengthening their business skills. All is done within a unique, fun and creative atmosphere. 

Mind Adrenalin.

All the world's a stage 

What do you receive?

As a team

Team members work together to achieve a series of goals that end with the final performance of a play they've created themselves. Each activity has been developed to improve the team's effectiveness by strengthening their relationships, promoting communication and getting them to work together to achieve a common goal. 

As an individual

Each participant will exercise important, professional skills through the activities they carry out during the day. These include cooperation, empathy, creativity, time management and a final presentation in front of an audience. All important skills required in a business environment.

As a company

Múza v divadle is a modern skills development workshop carried out within a theatrical environment. It provides your team members with a fun and exciting escape from the office, while exercising professional and personal skills required in a business setting. This is the key that makes Múza v divadle so special.


All scheduled activities carried out by the team utilize elements of theater, such as writing the screenplay, developing characters, creating costumes and props, organising rehearsals and giving a final performance at the end of the day. Every activity requires members to work as a team, write as a team, create as a team, and perform as a team. Individuals and the entire team benefit from these exercises.

The workshop helps lift your team to a new level and benefits your company upon their return.

Múza v divadle is a unique experience that allows your team to live the phrase "All the world's a stage".


  • Transformative self-reflection for each participant
  • Getting to know team members better in a unique setting
  • DIscovering the strengths of individual team members and building better relationships with them
  • Professional and personal development of all participants
  • Improving relationships between team members through shared experiences

Who is it for? 

It's for all teams, from all industries. 

It's for companies who want their team members to know each other better, discover their individual skills, strengthen their relationships and, as a result, improve the effectiveness of the team as a whole. 

It's for maximizing the return on your teambuilding investment. 

What's included in the program?

  • The workshop is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Zelezny Brod City Theatre or in an outdoor location (lunch, 2 coffee breaks)
  • Workshop can have a max. of 20 persons/day
  • Particpants are divided into two teams
  • Workshop activity sheet and brief given to each team
  • On-stage performance by each team at the end of the day
  • Workshop evaluation by each participant

Coffee breaks and lunch

Two coffee breaks and lunch are sourced from carefully selected local suppliers in Czech Paradise and agreed with you in advance. 

Zelezny Brod City Theatre

    Travel back in time when you enter this historical theater, which was built in 1936 and was recently reconstructed. It's conveniently located in the centre of Zelezny Brod, the glass city.

Outdoor Theatre Program

Based on your requirements, an outdoor program can be arranged during the spring, summer and fall months that allows you to enjoy the fresh air, incredible views and powerful energy of Czech Paradise.

How does it work?

Creating a play from scratch is a challenge and requires teamwork to complete successfully. It's a process of cooperation, as well as discovering and applying the different talents of individual team members. Our muses will guide your team through this process in one day, from start to finish.

Discover yourself and your colleagues

During creation of the play, team members learn about their strengths and talents, as well as the strengths and talents of their colleagues. These discoveries translate into a strengthening of interpersonal relationships, a change in how one views their colleagues, and the generation of new ideas on how these colleagues could contribute to future projects at the office.

Collaboration and Creation

Each activity in the workshop deepens relationships between team members. The whole team works closely together to develop the play, where a good and coherent result can only be achieved through effective communication and cooperation between team members. The team discusses and agrees on the genre of their play, creates a story, writes a script, and develops their characters. This is followed by the creation of costumes and props from the materials we supply. Rehearsals are then carried out and a final performance given on stage in front of an audience (the other team).

Increasing one's individual value and the value of the team

Every step of the theatre workshop is an opportunity to exercise and strengthen one's professional and personal skills, which lead to an increase in self-confidence and value, as well as an increase in the value of the entire team.

Tailored TEAMBUILDING for you!